Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Getting emotional about Christmas with John Lewis

I've never been to John Lewis. I had never actually even heard of it until today. But every fiber in my being is telling me I should shop there – and it’s because of their new ad.

The £7 million ad shows the loving story of a hare not wanting his bear friend to miss out on Christmas this year, and was debuted during an entire ad break in Britain’s X-Factor. But does high-budget equal success?

Not knowing much about John Lewis, I did a quick search. Like many retail stores around the world, Christmas is like…well…like Christmas, and they go all out to try to convert even the most stoic to believe in the magic of giving. Known for their high-budget adaptations of traditional songs, every year John Lewis adverts have topped millions of views on YouTube. And this year’s is looking to do the same.

Emotions aside, I think this has ticked all the boxes. Although it may seem a little cliché – nostalgia, friendship, glowing saturated hues – I think certain conventions just don’t get old when it comes to Christmas. Some classics are classics for a reason. Could #bearandhare be to John Lewis what Santa Claus is to Coca-Cola?

Hongi  Luo

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