Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Getting happy (and getting page views) with Pharrell

Now that we’ve hit December, and the year is drawing to a close, people are either packing up shop, or preparing see the year out with a ‘bang!’ Last week, Pharrell released his song, Happy, with a world’s first 24-hour music video. I’m not going to list all of Pharrell’s achievements, but you can be sure that the singer, songwriter, producer, and business man has fit a lot into 2013. Happy is definitely Pharrell going out with bang!

Happy’s official website is still live with a constant stream of the day-long video. While I don’t think anyone will be sticking around for the whole length, I’m sure people are checking in every now and then. Checking in to see the many stars that appear fleetingly alongside seemingly everyday people. Checking in to hear the simple, yet catchy sunny tune. Checking in just to see if it’s still going!
But what has this got to do with marketing?

Maybe it’s a long stretch, but I think this project demonstrates the capabilities of a simple idea. It also shows how lines are continually being blurred between medium, artist, creation, and communication. Video art? Music video? Internet campaign? It’s a bit of everything. And Happy does it well. Somewhat utopic, the idea of people around the world watching the same video and sharing the same Happy feeling is comforting. I hope Happy brightens your mood and helps you ease into the busy holiday season. 

Hongi Luo
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School.

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