Tuesday, 4 June 2013

“Half the size, twice the happiness” Coke taking sharing seriously.

Recently, my group conducted a presentation and research assignment around The Coca Cola Company’s co-creation efforts in our Internal Marketing class, with Professor Pennie Frow. We found that, while with good co-creation intentions, a global company like Coke ultimately still held a lot of control when it comes to co-creation, as they simply have too much to lose if anything goes wrong. In saying that – they also have a lot of power and ability to roll out adventurous and fun campaigns that still give the experience and feeling of co-creation.

In line with co-creation, and a word I feel we’ve started to talk about a lot, is sharing. And that’s exactly what Coke is doing. In their new video, featuring their twist-and-share can, the usual tagline of “Open Happiness” is switched with something different – “Share Happiness.” This organic development of both product and value proposition is a pretty good example of those ‘Ah ha!’ moments – the sentiment of a cute little Coke can you can share is so obvious; you wonder why they haven’t had them all along!

Ogilvy & Mather’s French and Singaporean teams developed the idea and campaign. Although not actually available in vending machines yet, the twist cans were available in limited quantity during a trial stage via a "happiness truck" in Singapore. Coca Cola has done a lot of this in the past, rolling out ambitious projects in certain locations, then utilising the YouTube platform to spread the impression of one campaign. Very clever! We get all the fuzzy feelings, without Coke having to pay to roll out campaigns around the world.

Nevertheless, it’s worked on me. I not a regular Coke drinker, but I’d definitely buy a little twist can for the novelty, and to embrace this new age of sharing.

Hongi Luo
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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