Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Travel Trinkets

I have been privileged enough to travel very many places in the world, which means, I have also been lucky enough to have saved some money to buy everyone at home little souvenirs from each of my destinations. But the gift I’m about to share with you is unlike any other I’ve ever seen – Melbourne mother and business women, Annette Chambers, officially has the most marketable travel trinket ever in my opinion, as seen below. It’s a perfect rose, and it stays perfect forever, like something right out of Beauty and the Beast.

(Photo by Christine Drpich – Peace Rose, as created by Annette Chambers)

Want to take a stab at what it’s made out of? I’ll give you a hint…it’s scent will never fade, it comes in all sorts of colours, and can be easily moulded. That’s right! It’s made from a single bar of soap! Through a crafty cutting technique, Annette is able to design and layer flower petals and later use warm water strokes to create the curvature seen in a perfect rose. Additionally, she hand paints with food dye and names every single rose to create each unique personality; the most popular peace rose is featured above. The smell is potent and captivating and they come in their own unique casing that won’t break while traveling or shipping.

Not only has Annette identified a unique niche within the travel trinkets and souvenirs market, she labours intensively over each hand crafted piece so that no two are the same. The item will literally last forever, and apparently the scent is even more potent when its casing is opened in slightly warmer areas. I could go on forever about how fantastic this product is and why it’s completely worth the money. Matter of fact, I actually bought five! I finally am not experiencing buyers remorse after buying my loved ones a travel gift because I know it won’t break, I know it does what its meant to do (look and smell pretty), and I was able to buy multiple. Marketing and decision making is a subject we talk intricately about in our Research and Decision Making course within the Master of Marketing program here at the University of Sydney Business School, and not experiencing a sunk cost after a purchase is a relieving feeling for a change.

In order to learn more or purchase your own Australian made (it is not made in China!), hand crafted, everlasting rose, visit Annette’s website.

Christine Drpich
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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