Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas from the Masters of Marketing

I would like to wish all of the readers of the Marketing Matters blog a very merry Christmas. To celebrate the holiday season, this special blog is all about festive advertisements. It may not be snowing outside but let the countdown begin!

Monty the Penguin
Since this ad was launched in the build up to Christmas 2014 it has gained a staggering 26 million views. The advert tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a little boy named Sam and his penguin friend Monty. The soundtrack to the ad was a cover of John Lennon’s song ‘Real Love’ sung by Tom Odell.

The advert costed £1 million pounds to produce with the total campaign cost coming in at £7 million. The group used to create the CGI animation of Monty the penguin was the same team used in high budget movies such as Planet of the Apes and World War Z.

As soon as the advertisement came out, the stuffed toy version Monty instantly sold out in stores and were being resold online for more than six times their face value. Monty-mania drove John Lewis to have one of their most successful Christmas trading periods in their history.

WestJet Christmas Miracle
If you want a great example of how businesses can engage with their customers in a fun and unique way at Christmas, then look no further than the WestJet Christmas Miracle.

Upon boarding their flight in Ontario passengers were asked what gift they would like for Christmas. As soon as the plane takes off there is a mad dash from the WestJet employees to buy and wrap the presents for the passengers. A few hours later in Calgary the gifts are waiting on the baggage carousel for the unsuspecting customers. Everything from TVs, toys and even socks were delivered to the amazement and joy of the customers.

43 million views later, this advert still continues to spread some fun festive cheer.

Toys R Us
What says Christmas more than toys? This iconic advertisement first came out in 1989, which made me just 6 years old when I first watched it. Since that time it has been remade and updated, but always with the same catchy theme song.

I think it is a testament to really good consistent marketing that I can still remember every word to this ad over a quarter of a century later! There’s a magical place, we’re on our way there, with toys in there millions all under one roof, it’s called Toys ‘R’ Us!

Man on the Moon
If you cry easily, it’s time to look away now!

After the success of Monty the Penguin in 2015, John Lewis has done it again this year with the Man on the Moon. The story shows a young girl named Lily who is looking through her telescope at the man on the moon. Seeing the old man going about his day all alone she decides to send him a give to show him that’s he is loved this Christmas. 

I think this sends a really strong message at Christmas time to remember those who may be unable to speak to anyone. John Lewis partnered with the charity Age UK to help raise awareness and donations to this cause.

Man on the Moon: Parody
The budget retailers Aldi were quick to produce their own cheeky spoof of the John Lewis Man on the Moon Christmas ad. It features an old man sitting on a bench on the moon choosing between two telescopes. Of course the telescope he prefers is the cheaper one from Aldi!

Delivered in a fun way, the advert really captures Aldi’s commitment to offering quality products at low prices that shoppers will be over the moon with!

Robert Brunning
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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