Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Video Becoming An Effective Marketing Tool

It has been made apparent that we are all consumers within this mass digital age. With a plethora of platforms to use, a large percentage of marketers are moving their brands and organisations into branded content especially considering that digital video is becoming more of an important component of omnichannel strategies.

Whist we have the more traditional television viewings decreasing, the consumption of video on other devices is steadily growing. In reference to the recent Q2 2015, Australian multi-screen report released by Nielsen, 12% of all video viewings across the nation’s population take place on screens other than television.

This can be seen as super exciting times for marketers, especially the new generation of marketers. However, we need to ensure that we learn the best way we can operate in the new, rapid and constantly changing digital environment. Considering consumers are using more than one device, research is increasingly showing a decrease in the impact for television advertising.

Gone are the days when you could commission a big glossy TVC, place it in primetime, and wait for the results to pour in. Depending on who your consumer base is these days, they now might be busy on their iPhones while TV ads are playing in the background, or perhaps there not even watching traditional free-to-air TV at all considering we have all become so time poor.

The trend for shopping behaviour has also moved online, and consumers are now accessing various channels to search for particular products or product information. A retail customer today might find out about a certain product online, find more information about it on other sites via their mobile device and should they wish to go ahead, eventually purchase it in-store.

“The marketing funnel no longer flows in a linear pattern,” Nielsen’s report explains.
“We are in a new era of marketing, where the consumer decides their own path from awareness to consideration to purchase, hence the need for an omnichannel content strategy.”

Video is one way your brand can communicate its point of difference and communicate meaningfully with your customers and prospects. Even though text and photo-based ads are inevitable to creating a strong online presence, video has found itself an important place within the digital marketing and e-commerce world. YouTube channels and video platforms like Ad words for video always help businesses promote products in the best manner. However, on e-commerce websites, videos have to be used in a more interactive and educational manner to create a greater shopping experience.

Some interesting facts regarding the impact of video on sales can be seen in the info graph below.

Lauren Musat
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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