Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to Give a Killer Presentation

As a marketer, have you thought about the importance of public speaking in your daily life?

Whenever you are doing group work, in an interview, working on your consulting project, or pitching your ideas to your boss, it is so important to communicate your ideas persuasively and with clarity. The art of public speaking is not only about standing in front of a crowd confidently, it’s also about engaging your audience by keeping them hanging on to your every word.

As a student pursuing a Master degree, learning how to present is a crucial skill necessary for communicating the value of your product, brand, service or a message that you want to deliver. More than that, you want your message to resonate, inspire and compel your audience to action. But besides the obvious, communicating effectively and confidently presents you with an opportunity to shine and could even help you stand out enough to finally get that promotion.

With all that in mind, we have invited a pro in the realm of public speaking, Maysoon El-Ahmad, whom you may remember as a guest lecturer from the Internal Marketing course. Maysoon, currently a marketing consultant at Growth Mantra, has agreed to share with Marketing Matters some important tips for giving a killer presentation. Watch the video below to learn how to give a killer presentation.

Maysoon is a Masters of Marketing graduate from the University of Sydney with years of experience across different industries.

Maysoon’s Top Tips

1. Know your topic well

2. Be passionate about your delivery.

3. Make eye contact with your audience.

4. Use visuals to engage your audience (not too much texts or files).

5. Give examples that audience can relate to.

The best way to engage your audience is to create connection with your audience by being passionate about what you are talking about, engaging how your presenting leading your presentation, and behaving as nature as possible.

Normally, we pay attention to when people tell a story with vivid description and specific presentation layout. As study, published in the journal Psychological Science, recommends an approach called “reminders by association”, which means that if you pair your tasks with a visual cue, you’ll be more likely to remember it. Our brain is mainly an image processor, so the most powerful way to give a killer presentation is to understand your topics and then deliver them to your audience with attractive contents and fascinating motivated attitude.

We are here to wish everyone good luck on your coming presentation!

Maysoon El-Ahmad holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Master’s degree in Commerce (Marketing, Strategy and Innovation) from the University of Sydney.

She is currently a marketing consultant working with a boutique management consultancy in Sydney called Growth Mantra where she specialises in finding strategic solutions grounded with a deep understanding in consumer behaviour and motivations.

Bowie Chen and Hazel Chen
Current student from Master of Marketing program in the University of Sydney Business School

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