Thursday, 23 August 2012

When’s the best time to return to University?

Is there really a best time to return to university? After a few years into your career you might begin feeling less sense of achievement. Perhaps the challenges you originally thrived on are gone. The determined amongst us are contemplating our next move. That could involve a change of careers, or perhaps even climbing a rung or two higher on the career ladder.

Many people who feel this way have reached a crossroad. Their options include either continuing what they are doing or to return to study to advance their career. How old is too old to return to university as a post grad student? It seems that the average age for a post-grad student in Australia is 35 years old. Rather than benchmarking yourself against that number, perhaps it’s better to think about what you want to achieve by having a postgraduate qualification.

What are the benefits of doing a post graduate degree such as a Masters of Marketing early in your career life as opposed to after 10 years of work experience?

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