Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A New Type of Kiss


Have you ever had a Hershey’s kiss? They may be hard to find in Australia, but if one company or brand has ever mastered the art of sending x’s and o’s (hugs and kisses of course), it’s the Hershey Company. These kisses have journeyed through a long line of marketing schemes and campaigns to give you the very best Valentine’s day kiss.

In case you’re not aware, a kiss is a small droplet-shaped chocolate wrapped in a bit of foil, with a cute little tag out the top, often displaying it’s flavour. Originally, and traditionally, kisses were simply milk chocolate. But if there were kisses, there had to be hugs! Hugs were invented as a mixture or a combination of white and milk chocolate - an embrace. Together, they spread the love without anyone having to say anything, and made the perfect little gifts and treats around the holidays. Kisses come in many flavours, the ones below are just a few examples of the well-coordinated wrappers, tags and specialised flavours.

Source: Google Images

Just imagine if every Australia Day we had a small little snack that came right out of the fridge or cooler box that tasted like pavlova? White chocolate mixed with passion fruit or kiwi fruit flavoured chocolate? Why not make that small tasty splurge and share some with everyone? It’s quite amazing what a big influence a little party snack can provide.

Now, these delicious morsels could come as a massive disruption to say a brand like Tim Tam. They already do all the holiday flavoured and themed dessert snacks. Additionally, Australians are very loyal shoppers and followers, and don’t often like change from their favourite buys. These little kisses however, are calculated to provide the exact right mouthful size of chocolate and sweetness. They are meant not to overpower your taste buds, but to keep you coming back for more. Additionally, they are sold in large packs meant for sharing. This is an important part of their marketing because they can make economies of scale and there will never be that last odd biscuit left that everyone feels to guilty to eat, or even reach for.

So, the next time you’re thinking of ordering a flower arrangement online, see if you can find some kisses, and do something different this Valentine’s day.

Christine Drpich
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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