Friday, 20 February 2015

Time for new students!

Congratulations and a warm welcome to all of our 2015 commencing students in the Master of Marketing program. We are so excited to have you, and have a lot in store for you. With a whirlwind of a year-long course a head of you, we suggest that you take in all the social events and networking now, because pretty soon you’ll have to get down to business.

First, Program Coordinator, Pennie Frow, sets up an incredibly informational and strategic learning opportunity called a marketing simulation game. The purpose of this game is to not only introduce new students to each other, but to give them a taste of the type of thinking they can begin to expect to be doing throughout the program. This type of thinking is lateral thinking - and in order to solve some of the marketing problems faced within the simulation game, you’ll have to make decisions and project future movements based on market analytics from your previous decisions.

Next, new students will be invited to an evening induction event. This event will serve as a meeting place for past, present and future students, as well as current faculty and important industry representatives. This time last year, induction included the addition of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) accreditation to the program. The networking opportunities are endless to say the least.

Finally, new students will be linked up with a current student buddy. These buddies are meant to help us acclimate the new students, especially international students, to the University of Sydney student life and the program specifics. Typically, your buddy becomes your networking partner and is able to introduce you to all of the professors of the program. Buddies are also extremely useful gauging course work and work schedule balances.

So hopefully all of our new students are able to join us for induction, and we look forward to watching you grow into successful professional marketers. Watching the whole process start over is so bitter sweet. As it has now been one year since I was at induction, I can’t even begin to picture where the time went! But trust me, it’s the experience of a lifetime. Come hang out with us!

Christine Drpich
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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