Monday, 9 May 2016

Marketing, Customer Centricity, and why it is so important

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An emerging term in the arena of customer service is “customer centricity”. Although it refers to company-wide focus on the customer, every business, every company and every department should have the customers in mind before executing a project. Companies work according to the demand of customers to attract them and boost their business on national and international platforms. In simple terms, “customer centricity” means to satisfy the needs of customers and make strategies to draw the attention of more customers. Without understanding the need of the customers, it isn’t possible for businesses to flourish. It becomes mandatory for business owners and companies to design and deliver products or services that positively enable a customer.

Customer centricity is highly important for the economic growth of the company. Here are a few tips to achieve optimal results for customer centricity,
  1. Start meeting your customers and deciphering what exactly they want you to produce. Develop a positive attitude towards their needs and discover the best possible solution that is valued by customers.
  2.  Providing convenient facilities to the customers will ultimately lead the business with a customer centric approach. People look for convenience and go where they can easily get the service that fits their needs.
  3. Two way communication on a regular basis makes it easier to learn the expectation of the customer. Make it easy for the customers to give feedback on the product you deliver. Figure out the reasons if you are losing your customers.
  4. Solve the problems of your customer before they know about it. Create strategies that act as a remedial solution to sudden problems. Behave proactively rather than waiting for a reactive approach from the customer. In this way the customer will appreciate the efforts and might think of continuing the future projects with you. He may recommend the name of your firm to his other followers.
  5. Provide guarantees to keep your customers working with your firm. It shows that your company cares for the customers. Give them quick ways of filing complaints and respond to them immediately to build their confidence in your business.
  6. People are more likely to visit the most convenient place to their own location, but some people prefer quality over location. It is recommended to allocate your business near places that people already go. This will eventually grasp the attention of new customers as well.
  7. Don’t be over-confident, but don’t underestimate your business. Set a balanced approach and delight your customers with your positive attitude and enthusiastic methods.
  8. Professional and well-mannered staff give a positive impression to the customers. Motivate your staff to work efficiently and boost their morale on different situations. Happy staff will generate more customers.
These few tips will help to create a positive experience for your customers. It will affect the economy of your business and make it a customer centric business ultimately. Moreover, customer centricity revolves around the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the customer with your company. Allow them to express their thoughts freely on social, electronic and print media.

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