Thursday, 10 May 2018

In the Age of Digital Content is King

In the digital age, there’s a saying that goes, ‘Content is King.’ And you know what? It’s not wrong. Besides from social and and online ads, which have both grown by around 70% in the last year, content has also seen a increase in use of 62% and is predicted to only grow in the future.

So besides being a key aspect of digital marketing, having the skills to write content or a blog will definitely help you in your career.

The importance of blogging goes without saying. Am I right? Unfortunately for the Master of Marketing program, our very own Marketing Matters blog is now captainless! This means that from now on, the blog will be kept afloat by students and contributors. For marketing students, this provides the opportunity to learn practical skills in a professional context and allow them to publish their blogs, gain exposure and enhance their employability.

Source: Australian Marketing Institute

If you have no idea how to write or manage a blog, don’t panic! I’m here to guide you on the ins and outs of effective blog writing. Pretty much anyone can write a blog if they have the magic formula. So that’s precisely what I am going to give you.

The Right Tone

Blogging is a completely different style to academic writing. It’s likely that your audience is reading your post on public transport, during a coffee break, or while they are waiting for a friend to arrive at a bar or café. They probably don’t have a lot of time to read a lot, so try and feed them the information in bite-sized pieces. Keep it conversational and easy to read and think short sentences rather than long. Break the information up with headings and don’t forget to accompany the sections with relevant images.

TIP: Even though you may be an expert in your field, it’s always good to write in layman's terms – as though the reader has absolutely no background in the subject matter.

Generating Leads

First up, what are leads? Well in the University of Sydney’s Master of Marketing program, the Marketing Matters Blog serves to generate leads to a number of stakeholders: prospective students who are researching marketing courses; employers seeking to employ top level marketing graduates, industry professionals who may be interested in providing guest lectures or joining the teaching faculty, etc. The list goes on...

Without the blog, MoM really wouldn’t have a way to demonstrate how talented its students are, the quality of the program’s design, and the high standard of teaching at the University of Sydney Business School.

So how exactly do you generate leads? Well, depending on the type of blog, you might decide to use backlinks/hyperlinks or weave keywords into the metadata. Take Marketing Matters for instance, if the audience wants to learn more about the program, the information is easily available for them. They just have to click on the link, get taken back to the program page and then they are free to explore the course structure, fees, and application process.

Leads ‘lead’ to actions, which is pretty much what content is all about about. Being able to research, write and edit effectively will always be valued and once learned, students can take these skills and apply them to their their own roles.

Written by Alyce Brierley
Graduating student from the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School.

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