Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Sleep Revolution by Somnium Lab

University of Sydney Business School students make a revolution to pillow business with the solution to neck pain and optimise sleep. Somnium Lab with the title of champion of the 2017 Student Challenge at Innovation Week has launched a Kickstarter for MuTu Pillow.

A former Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies student Tycho Hugh and biomedical engineering PhD candidate Suri Susilo founded Somnium Lab. Winning the 2017 student challenge was a shot in the arm for them, “It was also a great step in further validating our concept and business model, which helped to keep us hustling every day.”

Somnium Lab founders: Miles Tycho Hugh (left) and Suri Susilo (right). Image source: The University of Sydney

Hugh now works as a tutor in Business School’s marketing faculty. He emphasises that listening and understanding customers is the key values of their Kickstarter campaign.  “Seeing that people actually want the product, and seeing that what we're doing actually provides value to people's lives, I know it's all been completely worth it,” 

He started the business in University and has been thankful for the experience. “The University of Sydney Business School is filled with so many interesting, high calibre people who have given me so much inspiration, help, and support thus far,” said Mr Hugh. He also met another co-founder, Suri, through a friend he made in his Business Capstone tutorial.

About MuTu

As the world’s first pillow, MuTu can be customised 66 unique sleep positions through air suspension technology. Unlike other pillows, Mu Tu is free from filler that prevents the accumulation of dust or bacteria. The technology also allows MuTu to keep its shape overnight and absorbs pressure while sleeping that allows for a better sleep.

Image source: Somnium Lab

MuTu Pillow is available for per order on Kickstarter. 

** Original article, ‘STUDENTS KICKSTART SLEEPY BUSINESS’, posted by the University of Sydney, 3 Apr, 2018 **

Written by Peggy Lau
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School.

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