Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Attending the filming of Gruen Transfer

As part of our “get to know industry” type events for our Integrated Communications Subject in the Masters of Marketing course, Steve James our lecturer organised an educational evening of advertising goodness. Other than the usual insightful and creative content this great show offers, we were given the chance to have our 3 seconds of fame in the audiences on national television.

First time attending the filming of a show and filled with excitement, all 13 of us in the class turned up on time and we managed to act like adults in the ABC lobby. Upon entering, half of us were moved to the last row so we don’t look like an obvious cluster on TV, and our path to stardom have ended for the time been.


Back to the more realistic things in life. The topic of the day was billboards. Billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising mediums but are ever-changing thanks to great creativity and technology advances. Honourable mentions include the New Zealand road safety billboard by Colenso BBDO advertising agency for the Papakura & Franklin District Council that “bleeds” in the rain to remind drivers to slow down during bad weather conditions. The billboard was released in June 2009 and was highly effective.

New Zealand road safety billboard

Now more on the technology side of things. Digital billboards are becoming increasingly mainstream and is highly effective in attracting attention by interacting with the audience. Not mentioned on the show but definitely one of my favourite is the McDonalds PicknPlay by DDB Stockholm, Sweden. Paired with geo-marketing and using a large digital billboard in the heart of Stockholm, DDB created an interactive challenge where the audience can pick and play for their favourite McDonald's goodie. Simply steer the paddle by using the touch-screen on their phone as they follow the game in real time on the large digital screen. If the player last 30 seconds they win their goodie of choice. A digital coupon is sent to their phone, with directions to collect their prize at the nearest McDonald's.

Overall it was a very fun and memorable experience. Wil Anderson was absolutely charming and the panel really captured the essence of the topics from different perspectives. Some of us got our 3 seconds of fame because they sat in the front row but for the rest of us who got moved to the back, we got to relax and enjoy the show. You can catch the latest episodes of Gruen on ABC1 9pm Wednesday nights and 8:30pm on ABC2 Thursday nights. Or view online at

This marks end of my first blog entry.

I found the Marketing course that I am doing filled with interesting guest speakers and opportunity to go on educational trips to meet industry including Google HQ and award winning creative agencies, which I will blog about as I go. I will finish the course in 2012 so if you think you have what it takes to help me continue building this resource library of marketing goodness, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Marketing Matters

Hello everyone! This is the first blog entry for Marketing Matters, the Master of Marketing blog and I’m Erin, your writer. Nice to meet you all!!!

The reason for doing this blog is to create a small collection of current marketing materials around us throughout the Master of Marketing course in 2011-2012. Some entries are about interesting marketing case studies, others about the work we do in class and for assignments and the rest are just bits and pieces from design, technology and marketing. In creating this blog, I wish to help current and new students understand the Masters of Marketing course better, through the eyes of a full-time student.