Tuesday, 11 June 2013

News digest: with Elena

It’s great news that the first semester is behind us. Honestly, it wasn’t easy. And it’s not just my personal feelings as international student, being pretty unfamiliar with a new study environment from the very beginning. Communicating with other classmates, it seems we all have made sacrifices to ensure good study results.

After taking a long breath…hooray! I am on the surface again. So I’m letting myself eagerly jump into the information and social media flows I had restricted myself from, during the semester. Yeah, lots of things have happened in the world, Russian President getting a divorce, for example. What a shame that the President missed out on our Consumers Insights class, where a guest speaker from Google showed us how to create the most attractive dating account:

Here is my top three news points for this week:

There is no total privacy with your social media accounts any longer. As was revealed, The National Security Administration is secretly collecting phone record information for all U.S. calls. Although nearly all tech giants like Facebook, Skype, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo were rushing to say they are not involved; it makes me feel pretty upset knowing my personal info is out there. The only chance to be safe is to simply stop using your Facebook. “The New Yorker” gives a good summary of this scandal.

2. Time Spent Online 
What do you usually do when you are online? Ok, maybe not you specifically, we’ll give you a little privacy there, especially after all the scandal with the NSA. Let’s say, as marketer, do you know your consumers social media habits? “Business Insider Australia” provides 10 stunning facts about what people are really doing on the Internet.

3. Money and Happiness
Whether or not you believe that money really matters, and a huge paycheque makes you better off, a new study definitely states that money is still as a synonym of happiness. Scholars have even made an effort to uncover what is the exact amount that could make us happier. Not surprisingly that “Forbes” brings us this topic though!

Do you know what your wealth rank is worldwide? Yes, it’s probably not on the “Forbes” global rich rank, but who knows. So let’s count it now with this simple tool.

Elena Sveshnikova
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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