Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Importance of Trade Shows – 2014 Hair Expo Australia

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be given a pass to attend the 2014 Hair Expo at the Sydney Convention Centre. Having never been to this event before, I was very much looking forward to seeing what was on offer - from both a personal, and marketing perspective.

Although my interest in hair care has been a long-standing affair, it’s only recently when I started studying Marketing that I’ve really begun to assess a brand by more than just the product or service it offers. What made this experience so enriching for me was that I got to really understand the philosophy of the brands displayed at the exhibition in a very tangible way. Each brand had set up their own designated area with signage, furniture, props and music that reflected the ethos of the brand, and the contrast between each displace really accentuated the similarities or differences between the brands.

Trade shows like these for the Hair industry serve as the primary platform of promotion for the businesses that either lack a traditional shop front (i.e. salon exclusive brands, hairdressing equipment distributers), or those that provide specialist services (i.e. hairdressing training) that are typically only advertised to members within the industry. It is therefore crucial for these businesses to raise significant awareness within the few days that the exhibition runs - whether this is done through live demonstrations, or educational seminars.

All in all, I left the event with my pockets a lot lighter, hands full of free samples, and my mind reeling at the possibility of attending this event in the future, but from the other side (i.e. as an employee of a brand involved in the exhibition showing!).  

Salil Kumar
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the The University of Sydney Business School

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