Friday, 31 October 2014

Ho Ho Ho

The Holiday’s are right around the corner with Haloween truly marking the start of the season. Although Australia doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in between like the U.S., the build up to Christmas and Hanukkah is still quite similar. Enter Westfield.

This is where you need a truly creative team to reconceptualise the idea of buying and giving gifts. Westfield is not only a property developer, but also an avid nurturer of its retailers and their customers. And this is why their new holiday campaign involves working with two internationally known YouTube stars, Sophie Grace and Rosie. Although they have been guests on the Ellen Degeneres show, they are now advocating for a bigger cause: making gift giving about the person, not about the items. A clip of their campaign can be seen below.

While Westfield has created a new way to look at shopping during this season, they have also backed it with many new ways to search for and locate the perfect gift. This is also in conjunction with their nation-wide implementation of the searchable mall technology. So, not only can you more easily navigate Westfield centres, search for certain items, and purchase them seamlessly, even the holiday shopping rush will be made less of a hassle with the help of Sophia Grace and Rosie who can help you pick the gifts. They will even be making guests appearances at 3 locations around Australia to run interactive parts of the campaign.


As you can see above, the dynamic duo are already featured on the company’s website, soon to be followed by the Happy Giving Gift Finding Tool you can use to search you centre’s inventory. And, when you are done purchasing your Christmas gifts, and wondering why it was so easy, you’ll know it was because of the Westfield ultimate shopping experience and the help of Sophia Grace and Rosie who helped you though buying gifts for the people you love.

Christine Drpich
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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