Friday, 15 April 2016

Tips to Evaluate Marketing Campaigns

Evaluation of the fact that our ads are being viewed by the people is important to us, because only then are we able to make sure that our products are being known, appreciated, or sold in the market. When a customer views the ad, the TRP, or total rating points of a specific brand are increased and the awareness about the brand and its products is established in the public. For evaluation of the success rate it is therefore needed to be seen what our target market is. Tapping the right target audience and then getting a response from them is basically the foundation of a good marketing plan. If you know what market segment you have tapped, then in accordance with that evaluation is conducted. Use the means that your target audience uses to express their views and you will have a better know-how of how your product and brand is doing in the market. Evaluation is also carried out to understand whether or not the positioning that you were aiming for with your product has been established or not.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns we will have to consider the following points:

Firstly, a significant increase in the volume of sales will indicate that people are getting enough awareness about our products and they are actually going out to purchase our products. The marketing objective of higher sales volume and greater revenue will be an indicator of the fact that our advertisements are executed successfully and viewed with much interest. People when buy something after watching a TVC, it indicates that they have a potential understanding and established positioning of our brand and marketing media.

Social Media
Social media, Facebook and other networking websites, allow us to see whether our TVCs or marketing campaigns are running and operating successfully or not. The fact that people get to post their views about anything on Facebook, for example, will help us to judge whether people are watching commercials or not - and if they are being watched, whether or not they like it. Social media is a direct evaluator of the effectiveness of our commercials.

One on One interaction
We can have our sales force actually go out and access the attitudes of people regarding our marketing campaigns. Our company personnel can go out and interview people in malls and shopping places about whether or not they have heard and watched their products on TV. This direct interaction with the customers will establish a strong, effective medium of evaluation of our ads.

Mystery Shoppers
It’s a widely used term in marketing. It refers to sending your own person in disguise to collect the data on how the customers perceive your brand and how the retailers are operating. It is undoubtedly a quite effective medium of evaluating the success rate of the marketing campaigns.
When different brands launch their products and do necessary marketing, they incorporate some of these methods to determine the success rate of their work.

Alejandro Catalan
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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