Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adidas interactive window shopping

High street stores suffering with the rise of e-commerce are frantically looking for ways to win back some of the market share lost to the digital space. Adidas interactive digital window concept, recently launched in Germany, has redefined window shopping by offering its customers an immersive and customised experience.

Adidas has placed a large touchscreen in its NEO label storefront, where customers can flick through clothing racks, chose individual items and have real-size virtual models showcase the chosen items from any angle. Customers’ smartphones are connected through a one-time password, which allows them to buy the items without having to install an app or use a QR code. Users can share their shopping selection with friends and save the items for later, just like in a virtual store.

The cutting edge storefront, which also allows for shopping after hours, seems like a response to Nike’s recent technology-based campaigns. A lesson from our communications lectures comes to mind: avoid using technology for the sake of it and have a carefully planned campaign strategy that leverages the strength of each chosen medium. Seeming people can just walk into the store to try on and purchase the clothes; do you think this is a good use of technology? What would you do differently?

One thing is sure; it will at least give men something to play with while they wait for their partners.

Adriana Heinzen 
Current student in the Master of Marketing program at the University of Sydney Business School

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